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C3 Frameworks & Inquiry Arc

 What is the Inquiry Arc?  Here are some graphics to help…


                                                                                                    IDM=Inquiry Design Model

Online Resources:

National Council for Social Studies C3 Intro Page  This is the NCSS’s home page for their College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Frameworks. You can download the .pdf of the actual Frameworks and also find links on using NCSS C3 resources.

C3 Teachers Model Inquiry Units  This site is affiliated with NCSS and serves to help teachers who are using or are planning to use the Inquiry Design Model (Inquiry Arc) to teach social studies. It offers model units for inquiries on a wide range of topics across social studies and across K-12.  It was created with NY State who has adopted the C3 Frameworks for Social Studies.


C3 Teachers Blogging about using Inquiry Model Follow these blogging teachers (and some students) who write about their ongoing experiences with the inquiry model and the C3 Framework.






  Doing C3 Inquiries with Library of Congress   The Inquiry with Library of Congress Sources Hub has emerged from a collaboration with C3 Teachers, North Carolina State University, and the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Regional Program, Eastern, Midwest and Western Regions. The Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) program encourages teachers to begin the inquiry design process with a source from the Library of Congress

C3 Formulating Questions  Some ideas to help you help your students formulate questions for the inquiry arc.